Why I Love The CrossFit Games

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I believe that everything we do, we should do with all of our might. We should also always be kind to people, regardless of circumstance. When these two things occur, greatness is born.

The CrossFit Games are quickly approaching and I couldn’t be more excited! I LOVE competing at the Games. Here’s why:

1. The Display of Hard Work:

CrossFit Games athletes spend nearly an entire year working to showcase all of the hard work they have endured to prepare for this one opportunity. It is a beautiful sight. Countless sacrifices have been made by both athletes and their support teams in order to compete on this stage. We face one of the hardest, most grueling tests in the sports world. The hard work is not over simply because we arrive at the CrossFit Games. Because we arrive at the CrossFit Games, the hard work begins!

2. The Kindness of a Community:

People from all over the world congregate in the host city for the CrossFit Games. Cultures, values, beliefs, and ambitions all collide into one big community, centered around fitness. The fitness community breaks down barriers and unites individuals around common values: the pursuit of bettering oneself and improving one’s quality of life.

Due to these shared values, we encounter some of the kindest, most humble individuals who seek to be inspired and motivated by the performances of these titan-like figures competing for the title of “Fittest.” The best part of the Games is the people. They are what bring life to the Games. I love taking photos, shaking hands, and engaging with everyone. Each moment is a perfect opportunity to display kindness.

We seek to give full effort, valor, and honor in what we do, regardless of the outcome. If we give all of our might to the hard work ahead of us and are always kind to people, this world will be a stronger, happier, better place.

This is why the CrossFit Games is such an amazing spectacle. It is full of kind, hard working people. I thank God every day for the chance to be a small part of it.


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