The Key To Your Dream Body

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No, it’s not a magic pill.

Consistency is key.

Though Genasee and I have been athletes all of our lives, it has taken a lot of hard work and discipline over many years of learning to sculpt our bodies. Our lifestyle is a choice that we make every single day.

You want the body of your dreams? Start now and be consistent.

We must consistently choose to make the right choices in order to see our efforts come to fruition. At a social event with a plethora of food, which choice should you make? Choose the veggies, lean meats, and healthier carb sources. We inherently know what is good, better, or best for us to reach for in any given situation, so listen to your instincts.

What matters most is discipline when it comes to what and how much you chose to consume. It’s a choice. You get to choose your physique. Some will say they didn’t choose to be 40 lbs overweight, and sure, they may not have chosen the end result, but they did consistently chose to make the wrong choices over a long period of time, leading to their end result. Some may have a more difficult road than others, but if they are motivated enough, they will choose to travel down the path of discipline and consistency.

You may have questions about little nuances such as:
How many grams of protein should I consume? What should my macros be? Should I eat more complex carbs and healthy fats?

These answers are different for everyone. Some need to commit to simply eating less. Others may benefit from weighing and measuring their food. Some need to have a coach creating a plan, tweaking the plan, and setting a narrow path to follow. It all depends on your physique and body goals.

So you want the body of your dreams? Here’s my advice:

Make a choice to start, consistently show up, and make the best decisions you can as they are presented.

It may be a difficult path, but it is a path well worth taking. It only gets easier the longer you travel down it.

So choose to start NOW. Fight to be CONSISTENT.


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