Full Send!

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This is how I have always tried to live my life. But it didn’t come naturally.

I started off shy and hesitant. I second guessed myself. I stopped and analyzed, underestimated, and tiptoed my way through navigating my goals.

However, athletics taught me something amazing.

If I wanted to excel at a skill, task, or position, I had to commit and go all in!

I had to be able to analyze on the run. I had to trust and believe in my preparation. I had to surround myself with those who championed my dream. And most importantly, I had to chase my goals fervently and consistently.


No more waiting. No more hesitating. We have to go all in, in the pursuit of what we want.

You can have health. You can have financial freedom. You can have strong relationships, influence, and love. You can accomplish amazing things if you learn to cherish the challenge, plan well, help others, and work really, really freaking hard.

“If no one thinks you are crazy, you are not yet operating at the outer limits of your potential.” – Brendon Burchard.

There will be many people who shout, “You won’t be able to.” But I urge you, listen to the few who whisper, “You can.” …even if it is just yourself.

There will be times when the obstacles seem too challenging. Cherish the challenge of overcoming them. They are what help you grow.

You will face moments when it doesn’t seem worth it. But you started for a purpose. Remember that.

I believe you can. I believe you were made for such a time as this, to create, conquer, exceed expectations, and overcome adversity with grace and perseverance.

So take the leap and spread your arms wide. Learn as you go. Be willing to fail. And take the journey with others, because together is better.


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