Favorite CrossFit Games Event? The Marathon Row. Here’s Why!

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The Marathon Row was one heck of a grueling event. It was miserable! And the misery didn’t stop after the three hours it took to complete the event. The pain culminated in the moment that I finished and stood up, and then continued to stay with me for a few hours.

Yet oddly enough, when people asked me what my favorite event from the Games was, I found myself perking up to tell them about just how much I loved the Marathon Row.

I have made it clear how miserable the event was… and most would get hung up on that. No one else is talking about how fun it was.

Here are a couple main reasons why the Marathon Row was an awesome event:

1. The Mental Test: He who could stay mentally engaged the longest won.

Strategy and preparation were critical. We had a plan going into this event and I executed.

– At predetermined intervals, I consumed a specific amount of liquid carbs.
– I gave five hard pulls if I fell below a certain pace.
– Every 15mins I set out to pass just one person. Sometimes I got two.
– I watched the field and saw when people were losing heart… then I set out to pick them off.
– I found ways to never stop moving, such as drinking liquids without my hands… just tilt the head back and gulp!
– I analyzed the data on all of the monitors and used it to my advantage.

When we have the keys to success we must stay mentally engaged in order to make something great happen.

I made the event into a game. I was the hunter.

2. Lack of Cramping: Consistency was everything.

There were a number of competitors who came out strong and powerful, but expended all of their energy early and ended up falling off in the last hour.

I used to have similar issues and often cramped because of it. This was the very first CrossFit Games (possibly competition) EVER that I did not cramp. The Marathon Row was a major win for me due to my lack of muscle cramping. I was consistent with hydration and nutrition all day leading into the event. I supplemented with Refresh Hydration + Focus and Reinforce Preworkout from FNX*. The extra sodium and electrolytes were paramount.

The combination of a steady game plan, balanced nutrition, and quality hydration led to a 3rd place finish in that event.

We all face daunting challenges in our lives. If we can simply prepare well, stay mentally engaged, and find ways to overcome obstacles, we will be able to achieve things far greater than we or anyone around us expected.

Keep heart, my friends. The road to success is a marathon, completed by taking one meandering step (or in this case, pull) at a time. #BeKindWorkHard

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