This is ME

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This is ME.

I am a 27-year-old man with big dreams as wild as the imagination of a young child. To some I am a friend and to some a competitor. To others I am family and to one I am “Husband.” Most know me as a Christ-follower, though I stumble and fall more than I would like to. I’ve found friendship in the hearts of many and cannot express how thankful I am to have them. In the communities I am a part of I have developed a “good” reputation and have become respected by some. I’ve been graced with a platform to share my journey and the lessons that I have learned to positively influence lives in a way I have always dreamed of doing. That platform is only continuing to grow.

On my platform I may seem to have it all put together, am a hard worker, and know what direction I am headed. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I struggle as much as anyone. I deal with fear when chasing my dreams the same as the next person. I lose sight of my goal, get lost in pride, and am driven by ego more than I ever would like to admit. I often crave selfishness, am rooted in judgement, and find doubt terrifying me until I am frozen. I feel the same things that we all feel.

But every day I wake up and know why I fight these urges. My heart is full. My heart is full because of all those who have surrounded me. They have brought me joy and comfort, love and compassion, peace and humility. What I have been filled with drives out anything bad that has tried to find its way into my heart and leaves me standing strong in faith that I am going to be okay. No matter what, things will work out for the good. I have come to learn that one of the most important things on this earth is the human soul. I value it above almost anything else, as I have recognized what so many souls have sacrificed so that I may have the life that I am able to enjoy today.

So I will do everything in my power to encourage people, stand in faith with them, and boldly chase my dreams alongside them. I want to impact as many lives as I can, helping others to create lives in which they have hearts as full as mine.

I hope you come join me. I hope you come #BeTheImpact with me.

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