When Your Back Is Against The Wall

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There are going to be moments in your life when your back is against the wall.

When you’re tired, scared, and hurting, there is going to seem like there is no way out. It is going to seem like no matter what you do, you cannot prevail. You are going to want to quit. You are going to want to give in. In those moments – oh and there will be more than one – it is going to seem like there is no way out.

That is when you take the route that few will take.

Through the problem. That is when you run into the pain.

That moment is when you choose to fight, claw, and run towards the issue head down and at full speed. That is when you give everything you have and lean harder into the problem than you ever have before, because there is no avoiding it.

It is DO or DIE.

There are going to be moments in your life when you have no other option. You will not get to lean on anyone else. It is you alone, by yourself, face-to-face with a beast and the only way out is by getting blood on your hands. DO or DIE!

These moments are some of the most pinnacle moments you will ever face. The moments when you have to decide if you are going to choke out the beast or run from him, hoping he doesn’t catch you and tear you down.

Here is where you grow. Here is where you adapt. Here is where you change from who you were when you couldn’t, to the person who is now capable! It is a glorious moment. You walk out of it with some bruises and gashes, hands bloody and body aching, left with scars that will remind you of what you can endure. Here is where you grow – grow into something stronger, better, bolder.

Here is where you become someone who can make an impact.



  1. Cole, I feel like I’ve been in that exact spot not too long ago. December 2017 I contemplated jumping off our near by bridge, The Tacoma-Narrows bridge. I was exhausted and didn’t wanna fight anymore. I planned it out and sat on the idea for a while. I couldn’t see the light at the end of my very long and very dark tunnel. I happen to watch a documentary on Netflix at the time called The Bridge. And something one of the survivors said (Survivor from jumping of the SF Bay Bridge) “The moment I let go, I didn’t wanna die” -Kevin Hines. It was that one statement I needed to hear to make me fight through it. I know God was waiting for me to hear that. I know he was going to do whatever it took to make me fight. He spoke to me through that and I am here today because of that. I’m a fighter and at the time of my life I felt so defeated. It even scared me. I knew something was definitly wrong. I want to say thank you for speaking of things like this even if you weren’t exactly speaking of suicide, but that life can throw you up against the wall and it can be hard to get past it. But you can! So thank you. And God Bless you.

    1. Author

      Melissa, thank you SO much for sharing your story with me. It is far more encouraging for me to read then you might realize. I am so glad that you fought through your struggle and pain. I know God has big plans for each of us and I am glad you are still here to accomplish and realize yours! I often tell people that their is something inspring about eveyone’s story… and you definitely do! Don’t hesitate to share it with those who are hurting, broken, or lost.

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