Overcoming Adversity

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Adversity causes some men to break and others to break through.

During the 2017 CrossFit Games I experienced more adversity than I had at any of my previous Games. I would take it as far to say that I experienced the most adversity there than in any other competitive event that I had ever been a part of. Because of this, I dealt with the most stress, uncertainty, and inconsistency that I ever have at an event.

I started out Day 1 with flu-like symptoms that persisted throughout the week, and later sprained my ankle during an event. In the midst of that, a heavy fence fell on my mother at the event during a windstorm and she had to be taken to the hospital in the middle of my competition. I had the worst performance compared to my potential of any CrossFit Games. I did not feel like myself, could not find my competitive edge, and relied solely on adrenaline to get me through events. I found myself shaking and quivering on the floor with my head resting in Genasee’s lap between events.

Adversity stood toe-to-toe with me, jacked me in the jaw, gave me a bloody nose, and had no remorse for the plans I had for my 2017 season.


Because adversity did not get me to break!

Adversity causes some people to break, but pushes others to break through. Far too often we look at adversity as if nothing good can come from it. Adversity strikes and negativity can set in before we know it. We begin to have negative self-talk, question our capabilities, and ask if we even belong where we have been placed.

But what we often do not realize is that adversity occurs so that we may see the changes that needed to be made, allow us to break through the person we currently are, and become the person we have been called to be.

What is important is not what adversity has done to us, but rather what we do once adversity strikes.

I am so glad adversity struck during the 2017 Games. If it had not, I would have never seen how much harder I needed to work. I would have never realized that I had not prepared well enough to be competitive at the Games. I realized that even if no adversity had struck, I still was not fit enough to compete within the top 10 at the CrossFit Games. Adversity did not break me. Adversity opened my eyes to the impact that I could have if I just stayed committed to the hard work before me!

When faced with adversity, we should be excited for the moment that we will overcome it because that is when growth occurs. Overcome adversity and discipline with joy. Work really, really freaking hard, and have fun doing it.



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