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Don’t Throw Your Vest

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I threw my vest. Yep, I was so frustrated that I chucked my vest onto the ground. I am not going to lie to you, some days can be really freaking rough. But don’t get me wrong, I love this life. I chose it, so I will weather any tough day that is thrown my way. However, the last thing I want to do is feed you fluff and make it seem like training to …

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To Fat and Back

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2012 -> 2017. Oh yeah, that is a real photo of me during my senior year of college. Don’t worry, I too can hardly believe it. Nutrition is one of the most difficult arenas of life to navigate. It takes but only a small detour and you find yourself so far off the beaten path that you don’t recognize anything you see. Toss in a little bit of “intentional” weight gain or loss and an …

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This is ME

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This is ME. I am a 27-year-old man with big dreams as wild as the imagination of a young child. To some I am a friend and to some a competitor. To others I am family and to one I am “Husband.” Most know me as a Christ-follower, though I stumble and fall more than I would like to. I’ve found friendship in the hearts of many and cannot express how thankful I am to …